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Corporate Events

Corporate Events are one of our specialties. And because perfection is essential, we've mastered it. Whether you're giving a presentation to an audience or having a company party, we can bring your ideas to life with incredible results.

We take pride in our work, which is why our clients keep coming back year after year. Isn't it about time you find out why for yourself? Call us today to get started bringing your next company meeting or event idea to reality with precision, brilliance, and creativity.

Break-out Rooms

We have many screen sizes to choose from, all with dress kits. We can also handle all of your breakout audio needs, including desktop and handheld mics. In addition, we can provide slideshow remotes for your presentations. Whatever your needs, we can help.


We've worked with hotels all over the country and know what it takes to get even the most complex lighting, audio, and video rigs up and running. When you're booking your next event in a hotel, be assured that when you choose us, the burden of production will be lifted.

Special Events

From awards ceremonies to public speaking occasions and presentations, we provide professional and creative results that make a lasting impression. We've provided production services for presidents, national acts, celebrities and many others. You can trust that we will deliver on time, every time.