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Lights can no doubt change the mood in any room or venue. They can create a sense of calmness or stir up energy and excitement. Whether you're after up-lights for a reception or afterparty, or are a nationally touring act, we can supply everything you need. Need help setting everything up? Check out our production services section.


From digital audio consoles and line arrays to small announcement and playback media setups, you'll find what you need in our warehouse. Because being heard is the first part of communicating your ideas, we'll help answer any questions you have and make sure you get the right selection of gear for your application.


Since the laser was invented by Theodore Maiman in 1960, few things have surpassed the incredible beam effects lasers can provide on a stage - and we've got 'em. We carry a complete line of RGB lasers providing some of the most impressive full-spectrum beams around. Come in and check out what everyone's been talking about.